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BIOMIS is a web enabled Unique Repository bio diversity information system for State Biodiversity Board.The Portal aims to Provide open and free access to biodiversity information.The portal enables WideSpread Participation by all citizens in contributing to and accessing information on State Biodiversity. The main aim is generating electronic people Biodiversity Register.


    • To save the time of field functionaries and utilize the same for technology transfer at field level.
    • To have more transparency, speed and efficiency in processing & publishing PBR .
    • To efficiently allocate and disburse fund from various sources for bmc activities.
    • Creation of database of Pbr, bmc, database for analysis purposes and better planning.
    • Online abs
    • Provision for registered citizen to upload new information/finding on Biodiversity online in the website.

Product features
    • 24*7 based availability
    • User Friendly GUI
    • Multiple Level Security
    • Work Flow based
    • Search engine
    • Roll based dashboard
    • Audit Trails
    • Security Definitions
    • Messages(pull/push)
    • Dynamic portal with all Indian languages
    • Easy on-boarding for State
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